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Screen Printing

Screen printing has been a mainstay at Stanley Mfg. since the 1960’s. While many companies specialize in printing a few substrates, we have developed the expertise over the years to print on virtually any material that will accept ink. This includes over a dozen types of plastics of almost any size or gauge, glass, brass, aluminum, ceramics, steel, magnetic materials, certain fabrics and sign-grade woods and composite materials.

Others advertise digital processes that use one ink system to adhere to everything. If it were that simple we could eliminate the 8-10 ink systems that we are currently using. In reality, the performance of the product must be matched to the intended application. A three month POS sign will employ different materials than an outdoor sign expected to last 5-10 years without fading in a Southern exposure. A metal rating plate will used a baked enamel or epoxy ink whereas many vinyl or polyester products will use UV cured ink systems.

Developing application-specific processes has led to success with our customers. Many have shown their loyalty by dealing with us for many years. If you have an application that may require screen printing – standard or unique –¬†give us a call and we’ll get your idea transformed to ink-on-substrate in no time!