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The quest for high quality is a perpetual journey. Along the way you make discoveries, document and learn from past mistakes, but always move forward.

At Stanley Manufacturing, we take the business of quality control seriously. In doing so, we have gained recognition from some of the world’s top manufacturing, retail, engineering and aerospace companies. Moving ahead with quality control initiatives has opened new doors for us as we enter into markets previously untapped in our 90+ year history.

Achieving designations such as ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D, and becoming Controlled Goods Program registered has allowed us to excel in producing for the many industries that demand consistent high quality parts. This has become a pillar of our business model for growth. It has given all of our customers a sense of security knowing we take no chances with the production of their graphics and manufactured components.

It is our customers expectations that drive us on our journey. Our goal is perfection – 0 parts per million rejected – we’re not there yet, but we’re always moving in the right direction. We invite you, our customers, to join us on this journey. Working together we’ll make each other better.