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Rapid Manufacturing on Demand

Rapid Manufacturing on Demand isn’t simply about producing your job quickly and getting it out of the door. Too often companies cut corners trying to delivery goods quickly and later refuse to take ownership of the mistakes made in cutting corners.

At Stanley Manufacturing, we have strict process controls in place to prevent this type of occurrence. We work hard continuously improving our procedures and the flow of best manufacturing practices onto our work orders before they hit the shop floor. Cross-training our workforce to migrate to demand areas in manufacturing supports our rapid manufacturing initiatives. In doing so, we are able to offer our clients greatly improved deliveries when emergencies arise. Our clients love this flexibility as unforeseen repairs or rush orders interfere with regular production schedules. Depending on circumstance, overtime may be required to meet these demands on our production but just as often, we are able to accommodate these request at no extra charge! This flexibility is in contrast to the rigid three to six week production schedules many of our competitors offer and is a big part of what sets Stanley apart!

SMC Express Service is available free for all new orders as required and to all of our loyal customers to support their critical delivery requirements.