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Plastic Aerospace

Virtually no industry has higher standards for quality and on-time delivery than those associated with aerospace manufacturing. Our history in aerospace dates back to the early days of DeHavilland, Canadair and AVRO as well as Boeing in the U.S. Today, aerospace represents a large portion of our business as we engage in producing the highest quality face plates and labeling systems available. We are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified. Parts are produced on plastics such as poly-carbonate, polyester and Tedlar, laminated with adhesives, resins and textured coatings and them precision machines to extreme tolerances.

Our membrane switch capabilities compliment our graphics production as we can print circuitry, assemble and machine (die cut or laser cut) the panels to your specifications all with fast lead times.

We can provide products for extreme temperature and environmental applications including oceanic and under water uses as well as for aircraft, mass transit and military transportation applications. Our customer service reps are assigned by account (with a backup) for continuity and one point of contact. Please call or email us for more details or to request a downloadable pdf.