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April 24, 2017

The Company Completes Assessment, Implements Processes to Improve Quality and Application Knowledge for the Metalphoto Product Line.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Monday, February 8, 2016 – Horizons Imaging Systems Group (ISG) announced that Stanley Manufacturing has achieved Certified Metalphoto Converter status. Certified Converter status means that Stanley Manufacturing has completed a process assessment, received recommendations and begun implementing new processes to improve product quality and expand application expertise for Metalphoto® photosensitive anodized aluminum.

Certified Converters receive in-depth training regarding the features, benefits and performance specifications to which Metalphoto is certified. They understand when Metalphoto is appropriate for a specific application and can help organizations write Metalphoto into specifications.

According to Wayne Duignan, Director of International Sales, “the Metalphoto Converter Certification sends a clear message to OEMs and government organizations as to which suppliers are optimally prepared to offer outstanding product quality and service.” Certified Converters receive access to a library of tools, including data sheets, case studies and product videos, as well as a certification press release and a “Certified Metalphoto Converter” emblem for their website.

Metalphoto is one of the most durable identification materials available. Metalphoto is converted into barcode labels, nameplates/data plates, placards, maintenance schematics, machine control panels and other identification items by more than 500 companies around the world. The largest and most advanced converters are eligible to apply for certification.

About Metalphoto®

For over 50 years, industrial and military engineers have specified Metalphoto® photosensitive anodized aluminum in applications where permanent product identification is critical. Metalphoto’s durability comes from its photographic image which is sealed inside of the anodized aluminum, providing resistance to corrosion, sunlight degradation, abrasion, extreme temperatures and chemical exposure.

Available from 0.003” to 0.125” thick, Metalphoto can be used for a wide variety of applications where permanent identification is critical including barcode labels, nameplates/rating plates, maintenance schematics, machine control panels and signage.

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About Stanley Manufacturing

Since its inception in 1917, Stanley Mfg. Company has evolved from a metal printer and fabricator to a diversified graphic communications firm supplying manufacturers, wholesalers and agencies with specialty graphics printed on plastics, metals, composites and traditional paper stocks.

In the old days, Stanley Mfg. was the ‘go to’ company for printed metals. They supplied automotive, aircraft makers and governments with nameplates, decorative trim, metal gauges (military) and aircraft components such as control panels, and spun metal nose cones and trim for companies like Avro Aviation and Bombardier.

Stanley Mfg. still supplies a huge array of products from its Toronto and Montreal facilities with over 40,000 combined square feet of manufacturing space. Its industrial products division also supplies automotive, mining, aerospace, and industrial manufacturers. The specialty graphics division supplies advertising agencies, retail suppliers, distributors, and engineering firms with display graphics, architectural steel and brass products and a variety of Point of Sale graphics and merchandise. This makes Stanley Mfg. one of Canada’s most diverse printing companies.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 approved and Controlled Goods Registered. Its quality systems are recognized and approved by aerospace and industrial manufacturers.

The Stanley mission is simple: Provide high quality products at a competitive price, on time and on budget.

Stanley Manufacturing Celebrates 100 Years in Business!

Like a beacon of light in the night of shuttered Canadian manufacturers, Stanley Manufacturing shines brightly as we hit the incredible milestone of 100 years in business! We have never outsourced any of our production offshore and are proud to employ Canadians at home, keeping our economy strong. Maintaining control of our processes allows for quick job turnarounds and better quality control. Founded as Day Nameplate Company in 1917 the company has been evolved from a metal nameplate and trim company to an integrated industrial printing and graphic communications firm with one of Canada’s largest product mixes serving the oil and gas, aerospace, OEM, and advertising industries. We have many activities planned to celebrate the year, if you would like to be kept up to date drop us a line at and we’ll add you to our SMC 2017 email list. Come and help us celebrate a century of service!