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Stanley Prepares for the Post-Pandemic World

As we find ourselves battling a 4th wave of Covid-19, Stanley Mfg. is preparing for a brighter future as our customers return to regular ordering patterns and we consider what changes we can make to streamline our processes and further enhance our industry-acclaimed customer service. In the coming months we will be enhancing our ERP to provide better live-order data and decrease response times. We have assessed our systems and product offerings and are investing further in our chemical etching, laser-cutting, and digital and photographic imaging processes. Based in Toronto, Ontario, we are Canada’s largest nameplate manufacturer and our client based is ever-expanding as we serve all of Canada, the U.S.A. and parts of Mexico. In more recent years we have expanded our exports to Europe, India, China and Japan serving OEM markets in almost every time zone on earth.

One thing is clear to us, the world we left behind is not the world we now live in and we have to adjust to ever-changing market conditions, technical and quality requirements and add new processes beyond the 16 unique processes we already support. The nameplate business has been at our core for over 100 years and we have supported OEM nameplate and label requirements as well as the aerospace, engineering, architectural, and advertising industries for most of this time. Overlays and plastic printing have been a mainstay of our Toronto facility since plastics were invented in the 1940’s. We were a pioneer in the nameplate anodizing process and expanded into Metalphoto processing to become Ontario’s first, and possibly only, certified Metalphoto processor offering nameplates for extreme environments such as sea-going ships and aircraft for civilian and military use. Using the Metalphoto intensifier process we can produce markings that will survive 40-50 years in harsh outdoor environments with huge temperature swings, salt spray, hydraulic oil, fuel, and chemical exposure. We support many of the military specs required by our clients.

We have also expanded our QA department this year, adding staff and streamlining inspection processes. Many of our clients provide us with scorecards highlighting our 100% on-time and quality ratings. In fact, many of our clients send our product directly to their shop floor without inspection – confident of our ISO9001 and AS9100 certifications and knowing their product has already received 100% inspection.

For more information please send us a message at or phone 416-757-3221 to reach a live person immediately.